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[ Community Challenge] Message from the past
We haven't done one of these since we relaunched, it's time for a community challenge. These aren't auditions as such but challenges that everyone can participate in Smile

For the first one I'll start of with the theme of " Message from the past".

Your challenge is to create a work involving voice acting ( audio, video, game etc) on the theme of a message from the past. Think of phone messages, audio logs in games, ghosts, memories anything you can think of. You then need to create somethi
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Pokejedservo's Past Project Palooza!
Ladies & Gentlemen, here is a casting call that is for not one but three different older projects that I worked on in the past but were never finished & released for various certain reasons. (Certain actors couldn't turn their lines in on time, my personal issues kept getting in the way, lost some data a few years ago during a computer transfer.) So I thought I try to revive certain projects that I tried to work but didn't finish (well at least in this decade) by putting the available roles back