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Voice-over for 20s video (Paid)
The audition is over. Thanks!
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What do you look for in a casting call?
I know I'm fairly strict when it comes to casting calls, but I sincerely want everyone to have a good experience. I think a well written post with a project that interests me is super important.  If it's fan made an art style I like also goes a long way as it tells me the creator has similar tastes to me.

What do the rest of you look for in a casting call post? ( audition)
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2017 Demo Reel (Female, British, Warm, kids)
On Discord mod Strinstorms recomendation I upgraded to a Presonus Audiobox and GXL 2200 XL microphone. I put out a demo fairly recently but since the upgrade I wanted to update it. I'd love some constructive crit!

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...Sg7hFc</a>]
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Favourite Voice acting warm ups?
What are your favourite warm ups for voice acting? I think my personal favourite is just going sssssss sssss ssssss, I can't honestly remember where I learned it but it feels like it helps to warm my voice quickly. This site has a good selection, though I don't always bother to do a full run before I record. My other big prerecord ritual is to drink a ton of water.  My ideal prep is to take a shower....but it's not
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Voice over vlog
Hello all you lovely little voice over squishes!

Hope this is the right place for this - [color=#1d2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I've just started a VO YouTube channel. I'm going to be vlogging about my progress and equipment etc and just recording the journey of a total noob! Hopefully I'll be able to get some helpful tips and advice to other newcomers i
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[CLOSED] (PAID) Overwatch Animation (almost finished)- JunkRat needed
Everything voice acting wise is completed but I just need junk rat for this one line. The animation is about how I don't know anything about overwatch but due to the rising amount of popularity I rush something out. So everything is absolutely messed up. Mei shoots fire, Tracer has a pirate flag, D.va has a banana gun. Stupid premise, I know but I try to do something good with it. 
Send here- GaryMStrode@gmail.com as an MP3 or WAV file in this format USERNAME_JUNKRAT. 
I'll pay you 5$ to 20$ dep
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Commercial Voice Over Demo
This is my current commercial VO demo. Just posting it here for public viewing.
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Xionfox's Voice Over Resume
Click to listen to my Demo Reel

My name is Jennifer and I am a Texas based Voice Actress. I've been voice acting online since 2007, getting my start on the VAA or, The voice acting alliance. I've gone by several alias which include Midnightmoonproductions, Aziro Fusima, and now Xionfox. I've worked on everything from fandubs to professional paid gigs over the last 10 years and am still going. I got my professio
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I need feedback over this impression
Ok so I'm new here on this forum with lots of professionals, and I must admit I'm new to this voice acting and impressions.

I'm really bad because I just started with this impression and I'm embarrassed to show my work to someone that knows me. This is not what I make money of, I'm just trying it because it's very interesting and it's becoming like a passion. I don't have any equipment, I just recorded my voice with my phone so it's bad quality. If someone can guess which voice I'm trying to i
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[Video Tutorial] Directing Your First Voice Over Project
A 6 part video tutorial designed to walk new directors step-by-step through the casting, directing, and production process of a voice over project.

PART 1: Holding Auditions
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/NGDiFIr...Irztvg</a>]

[b]PART 2: Audition Deadlines[/b]
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/TXYBBGp...GpLw_g</a>]

[b]PART 3: Casting[/b]
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/O1NWWDY...DYq6nk</a>]

PART 4: Sending Scripts