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The Art of Mario Making
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Best Movie of 2015
What do you think the best movie of 2015 was? Do you have any recommendations?
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16gig of free HQ Sound Effects
Sonnis is giving away 16gb of high quality sound effects for free as part of a GDC promotion. You don't have to attribute and can use them for paid purposes too.
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Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Mystic Artes Exhibition Audition [4F]
[align=center][color=#666666][size=small][font=Tahoma, sans-serif]This one's a dub collaboration for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 mystic artes and it'll be the last one we'll ever do. Mixing completed. [color=#313131][url=https
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1 Gig of sound effects free for this weekend
" A sound effect" has made over a gig of sound effects free for this weekend. Numbers are also limited so you may wanna grab these quick.
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The strange life of Ashly Burch
Found a really interesting  article interviewing voice actress Ashly Burch who voices Chloe in Life is Strange and Alloy in Horizon: Zero Drawn.
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Fatal Fury: Abridged of the Hungry Worlf
Here are all 5 parts of Fatal Fury: Abridged of the Hungry Wolf, a parody on the Fatal Fury Anime OVA.  I did all the voices, editing, & sound work.  ENJOY!!!!!




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The Legend of Xanadu I & II - Nihon Falcom Action-RPGs (50+ parts)


Thanks to all who auditioned! We'll be deciding the cast in the coming days!


For well over a year, I have been working with a very talented programmer to create fan-translations of two magnificent PC Engine CD games by Nihon Falcom: The Legend of Xanadu and The Legend of Xanadu II
We've not only gotten the scripts 10
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An interview with the voice of Siri
I found this random interesting interview with the voice of Siri, it's mostly text but there are cool voice snippets about. There's a bit when she lists the random stuff she had to say to record the voice and it's all stuff like:

[color=#007aff][size=large][b]“Malitia oi h
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A short history of the early VAA
So, with the closure of the VAA announced I thought I'd post a bit about it....since I was one of the people who started it. What I'd really love is the domain, and the chance to salvage some stuff of the site but so far no luck in that regard. A lot of the old crowd have been super helpful in getting back to me about it...but the Facebook remains silent.