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[size=large][font=Arial]THE ALLOSAURIAD is an upcoming, episodic, audio drama podcast from the creator of the iTunes 5-star rated mini-series, The Lovecraft Covenant. It tells the story of an eclectic group of near-future Americans who find themselves trapped in the time of the dinosaurs. Ill-equipped, disoriented, and scared out of their minds, t
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Sea of Stars Odyssey now casting!
Hello Voice Actors!

Forward Momentum Productions is proud to announce that we have an open casting call for our latest project! This series is a massive 26-episode space opera with well over ONE HUNDRED roles to cast! Everything from the core roles of our ensemble, to “Pilot 'A'” or “Person in Hallway”... its all up for grabs!

Because of the sheer scope of this project, all audition lines and character info can be found on our casting call page, [url=http://forwardmomentumproductions.com/