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[size=large][font=Arial]THE ALLOSAURIAD is an upcoming, episodic, audio drama podcast from the creator of the iTunes 5-star rated mini-series, The Lovecraft Covenant. It tells the story of an eclectic group of near-future Americans who find themselves trapped in the time of the dinosaurs. Ill-equipped, disoriented, and scared out of their minds, t
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(CLOSED) Sea of Stars Odyssey
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, this casting call is now closed. The response to it is has been frankly, overwhelming (as shown by it taking about a week to send out critiques, sorry about that).

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm going to be sorting through the TWO GIGABYTES of auditions (over 500 in total! Yikes!) over the course of this weekend and