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[PAID] Pale Spectrum - Visual Novel - 3m, 2f
Looking for voices for 

Pale Spectrum 

[align=center]by [url=http://ithaqualabs.com/][color=#ffffff][color=#696969]Ithaqua Labs[/c
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So long, summer days (quasi-visual novel)
What's it about?

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]“So long, summer days” follows Enrique “Pan” Domingo,a 27 year old man living in Florida with his newly appointed wife, Raquel Santos. He has brought them both down with his Marxist ideals and general laziness, causing both of them to live in a perpetual welfare state. His own struggles in connecting with those around him runs parallel to a mass extinction with
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Historical War Novel Audio Drama - still need 1M
Contact Email: Producer
Deadline for auditions: 8/14/2017

*Paid voice acting for historical war novel:

[EDITED: young girl, and one male actor found -- still need one more]

One male. Several lines. 18 years or older. Prefer about 25~30 years old. Prefer European Italian or Brittish accent, but not necessarily required. Must be native English speaker. Characters are generally cruel and evil. Voice must be your natural voice. I do not want c
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Orange Project Interactive Graphic Novel series

I’m Axel-Guillaume, a French graphic designer and director.
I’m starting today auditions for my sci-fi/ action interactive graphic novel series, codename: Orange (I love codenames).

Here is the pitch:

In a nearby future, on Earth, several conflicts took place in the last 50 years. But lately diplomatic alliances are maintaining a fragile peace.
[i]Alexander and Lushian, young mercenaries with prized skills were raised in that chaotic world. Chaining fights and missions