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[Original Animated Series] Need a male and female lead

[ Original Animated Series] Spirit Fist!


[color=#595959][font=Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif]Spirit Fist! is an original animated web series I'm currently working on, It'
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Need 2 voice actors for animated video game parody [ closed[
I'm looking for 2 voice actors for my animated video game parody of "Eggs of Steel". The game might be obscure for some people. It came out for PS1 and was developed by Atlus which I think is defunct. Anyway I need 2 voice actors.

1. Charlie

2. Gus Fring ( Breaking Bad )

The premise is that Charlie's been out of work for almost 20 years and he's now working at Los Pollos Hermanos. He's sitting in the back alley talking directly to the camera about his misfortune. He was a steel mill wor
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Need Voice Actors for Destiny Machinima Project
[size=large][font=Arial, sans-serif]So, I've been working on a Destiny machinima project called Crota's Bane. It will be about an hour and 20-25 minutes when it's finished, and it's about a team of six Guardians who go on a quest to kill the Godlike monster Crota after he slaughtered an army of Guardians. It's almost finished and we've released a trailer, but we only have voice actors for two-thirds of the characters. The ones we are missing are Eris Morn (female) and Toland the Shattered (male)
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I Need a Female Voice Actor (UNPAID)

[color=#595959][size=medium][font=Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Me and my friend are working on a radio play. It's a crime/science fiction story. Actually, we're done recording the two episodes and we're now currently doing the third one. But some of the actors who participated on the previous epi
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Historical War Novel Audio Drama - still need 1M
Contact Email: Producer
Deadline for auditions: 8/14/2017

*Paid voice acting for historical war novel:

[EDITED: young girl, and one male actor found -- still need one more]

One male. Several lines. 18 years or older. Prefer about 25~30 years old. Prefer European Italian or Brittish accent, but not necessarily required. Must be native English speaker. Characters are generally cruel and evil. Voice must be your natural voice. I do not want c
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Crossover fighting game in need of VAs (Wave 1)
Hello, Voiceacting Space.

I am the head of a crossover fighting video game that is currently in earlier phases of development. Even though this may be a fan-made game, I will make certain in the end that it is not short of any quality. In order to establish this promise as truth, I will be needing voice actors to portray both canonical and originally-created characters. If you contact us at the e-mail we are currently utilizing (newbloodsofficialgame@outlook.com), we will send you some
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I need help with my about me page.
I’m trying to figure out how to edit my about me page. I didn’t get the chance to put in my voice type in when I registered. Could someone please help me?
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Looking for Female Natsuki for DDLC Videogame Dub. Need fiery, cute, and young voice.
[Image: https://ddlc.moe/images/itch-banner.png]

-- Details --
For this project, my associates and I plan for us to only voice act the 2nd act in the game. As such, we are in need of someone who would be willing to voice act as Natsuki. One member has the role of Yuri, and have already found people to do the role of the protagonist as well as myself as Monika. After the 2nd act has been completed, and if the individuals involved in the project would like us to do the other remaining
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I need feedback over this impression
Ok so I'm new here on this forum with lots of professionals, and I must admit I'm new to this voice acting and impressions.

I'm really bad because I just started with this impression and I'm embarrassed to show my work to someone that knows me. This is not what I make money of, I'm just trying it because it's very interesting and it's becoming like a passion. I don't have any equipment, I just recorded my voice with my phone so it's bad quality. If someone can guess which voice I'm trying to i
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Need Voices for Castlevenia Parody
Here is a video where i explain everything to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu8mMVuRNTg

Here are some lines you could use.

Dracula: Real Vampires blow up citys.
Travor: I migth be a bit rusty, but i'm sobber.
Crazy Church Guy: Your not real, your just a hallucination.
Fat Church Guy: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
Fat Farmer: And ah said, mate ah know my goat isn't in love with ya
Buff Farmer: And than you bet him up, with shovel.
Blue Demon: We arre ze vol