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How to Make Music in FL Studio by Reggid
I've been saving some tutorials from the old site, here's one on Fruity Loops.

Reggid’s Music Production Guide How to Make Music Using FL Studio

[color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]I’ve been using FL studio ever since 2005 and it changed my life in
my music productions and they were ever since a lot better. When I
first started making music, I mai
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The Useful resources list - Free music, software and sound effects
I thought it'd be great to make a super master list of basic resources needed for voice acting, and content production. I'm emphasising free software and music but other tutorials, resources and links are included as well. Feel free to suggest stuff.

https://incompetech.com/ - Royalty Free music
http://soundimage.org/ - Free music and loops
Josh Woodward - Fr
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Moon Pride (Milky Neko Cover)
This is an English cover of the Anime Song. Moon Pride. This will be uploaded on YouTube. If you are selected I would need your discord and need you to join my server which I will send you if you are selected. I need someone to sing this with my friend (Matty Ruiz) will be Sailor Mars and I will produce the song (MilkyNeko). Please, audition!  -Matty/Milky

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Song Intro
I am looking for a voice actor with a deep voice and a slight Nordic/Danish accent. If you do not have a Nordic or Danish accent, an English accent will do as well. I would prefer that the audio file was edited to have a substantial amount of reverb, with a sound similar to that of the intro to Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast". This project is unpaid. This is the line I need read: 

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial]“I have not seen a mightier man-at-arms on this earth than the one
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[Unpaid] Fuuka! Abridged! - Fuuka Needed!! - CLOSED
Hello my name is Kyle and I am the head writer and creator for Fuuka! Abridged! We've got everything all set and ready to go for the first episode; however, there is one issue stalling the project. WE NEED OUR LEADING LADY!! 

Fuuka Akitsuki is sassy, takes no BS, and is a rockstar at heart. (Singing not required - but if you can sing you can send a 16 bar phrase and email it, however the acting is first) 

Accent - Preferably American but if someone shows their best work then they may stand
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[Unpaid] Building a music and sound effects team for Original Project
Hello I am JJ for a long time I been trying hard to get my original story Castle Night Wolf off the ground as an audio book originally. That fell flat because the narrator at the time lost interest, so instead of making it an audio book this time I want to make it into an audio drama which leads up to the sequel Return to Castle Night Wolf. I need sound effects people and a composer of music. What I have so far is the opening theme and one theme for the main villain. I am going to be posting the