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Original Character - Multiple Projects - Caiminds
Hey Guys! I'm looking for a male voice actor to play the role of Akiria. E-mail me your lines at jamiethecomic@caiminds.com

Deadline: 16 May

Line 1: Are you sure this is the right way? I swear if you are tricking me to go that Sushi restaurant again I'm never picking you up from work again.
Line 2: Woah! Watch where you're going! I nearly dropped my cake!
Line 3: Oh come on! Look I said I'm sorry didn't I? I'll play Mario Kart with ya!

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The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray is Seeking Auditions for Multiple Roles
*Note: the list of roles and sample lines has been edited to reflect the fact that some roles have been cast.

[size=medium]We are seeking auditions for a new audio drama from ZoomDoom Stories. This is a dark supernatural mystery involving conflicting accounts of the events surrounding a missing person’s case. Plot: On March 20th 2014, twenty-seven-year-old Ella McCray disappeared from her engagement party at a Southern Arizona ranch house. Six people witnessed her disappea