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One shot radioplays #01 - MLP - Night Court
Pretty much my first attempt on doing a non-serious radioplay. This one's old and just thought I'd share to hopefully showcase a glimpse of how my work ends up being. 

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...ttp://</a>]
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Searching for Voice Actor / Actress for Abridged Show on MLP
Casting Call Type : 
Abridged Series 

DEADLINE : Feb , 14th , 2018

Project Overview 

Seeking Male or Female VAs

This is a parody series of MLP (yes I know) and we are missing one key component to the series we are making. I say key since this character will have a lot more screen time than she was orignially given. I am looking for the voice that fits the character I am looking for (description and details in the audition page) male or female as long as it fits.
We are in nee