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Female voice actor needed for happy, excited, teen mage
Casting Call for Minion Masters Character - Milloween

About us: 
BetaDwarf is a small indie company based in Denmark working on our third title Minion Masters, to that end we’re seeking a voice over artist to voice our character Milloween.

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[CLOSED] The Ur-Quan Masters – Syreen Voice Mod
This audition is now closed as I have unfortunately not had any respondents to this ad by the deadline.  I may readvertise at a later date if I don't find any takers elsewhere.

I’m looking for an adult female voice to voice a major female character for a game mod.
Please note this job is unpaid.

What is this Mod exactly?

[align=left]The mod is for the game 'The Ur-Quan Masters' (a re-release based on the open-source source code for Star Control 2)