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Need Voice Actors for Destiny Machinima Project
[size=large][font=Arial, sans-serif]So, I've been working on a Destiny machinima project called Crota's Bane. It will be about an hour and 20-25 minutes when it's finished, and it's about a team of six Guardians who go on a quest to kill the Godlike monster Crota after he slaughtered an army of Guardians. It's almost finished and we've released a trailer, but we only have voice actors for two-thirds of the characters. The ones we are missing are Eris Morn (female) and Toland the Shattered (male)
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Science not included theater: Night of the living dead. M/F
Ever watch MST3K and wonder whatever happened to that alternate timeline Crow from time chasers? Well, he ended up in pretty much the same situation. Except this time he's trapped who knows where with a slightly more attractive captive than Joel or Mike.

Crow and his friend find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of really crappy movies and the taunting of a lame wannabe super villain looking for the precise frequency in the Human brain that causes insanity, hoping to use it to be abl
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This is a Comedy Machinima based on the Video Game Injustice 2.
This is an unpaid original project using preexisting assets.
[align=left]An over the top Bat obsessed Batman and and his annoying sidekick Robin take crime fighting to the next level....Murder? The dynamic duo will do whatever it takes to enforce justice! (Even if it means revealing the
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Female Voice Needed for Destiny Machinima
I am looking for a Female VA for a Destiny Machinima series called Fireteam Weasel

Character name: Rachel
Character Description: A Immature Hunter who gets annoyed pretty easily by other people unless they are nice to her. She would rather be a lone wolf than be with sheep.

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I am replacing a VA who has not contacted me in w
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[CLOSED] VA'S NEEDED for DaedraSkyrim Machinima
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/Zezf6hf.jpg]

Hey there! I need some voices for my Daedra Comedy Machinima series!


[s][color=#666666]I have attached the pilot episode above for reference. The series involves the famed mage, Morian Zenas, as he serves the 16 Daedric Princes.[/colo
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Looking for voice actors for a GTA 5 film
The film takes place in 1987 when the world is in a dark time after the fall of the superheroes. An old heroes decided to bring together a group of new heroes to take down a threat in the city that could cause a lot of trouble for everyone. need the main cast and a few supporting roles.

First character is a guy that is 20 and used to be working in the government before quitting and forming a private detective agency as a vigilante named Stallion