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I'm a noob
<--- Nooob here

I make youtube videos. I am looking for a good mic that can really represent my voice. Unfortunately I was just disappointed by the few mics I tried. Anyone who can help me out I would be thankful for.

I come from Germany.
I came here for help.
But I can give u a small audition of what I do.
So there u go:


The audio quality isn't that great, but I still feel I get the most natural sound with my old USB mic. Unfortunately...
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(Short Parody) Matter Eater Lad! 1M 1F/M
Matter Eater Lad

This is a minute or so long video about the often forgotten and oddly situational superhero Matter Eater Lad. 

This is a very short unpaid project, and currently stands to be a one-off video but I will make a sequel if it's successful or enough people ask for one.

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Science not included theater: Night of the living dead. M/F
Ever watch MST3K and wonder whatever happened to that alternate timeline Crow from time chasers? Well, he ended up in pretty much the same situation. Except this time he's trapped who knows where with a slightly more attractive captive than Joel or Mike.

Crow and his friend find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of really crappy movies and the taunting of a lame wannabe super villain looking for the precise frequency in the Human brain that causes insanity, hoping to use it to be abl
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Hi, I'm Jacob, new voice!
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LEGO Stop-Motion series M/F VA's needed ASAP!
I'm creating some loose sketches around the six Toa characters of the Lego BIONICLE series: Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Onua, and Pohatu. While I've previously had all six cast, four are not as readily available as they used to be and I would be interested in hearing new interpretations. Here are the four: 

I would suggest skimming a couple of my recent animations here at www.youtube.com/c/callanlof to get a general idea of the tone of my animations, thoug
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Super Mario ComicDubs Nintendo Comics System (14M, 9F, 3F/M)
[u][b][Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/kQboAa...V1aCWWX5UC][/b][/u]
Super Mario ComicDubs- Nintendo Comics System Auds

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[Unpaid]Thriller/Mystery Game Demo - 2 M
The project my group is producing is a thriller/mystery game, with multiple player characters investigating the house of their deceased friend. First player game, the player plays through as each of these characters, interacting with the house in different and unique ways. 

Miles: Very early 20s, voice on the deeper side, relaxed delivery, capable of bursts of emotion, sounding afraid

Will: Very early 20s, mid range voice, a bit nasally, voice tries to sound assured though can be
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Yes', I'm Fine, Really! - A Sims 4 comedy [OPEN]
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...HBgpEk</a>]
Project description:
[size=small]Hi! So this is a series of short episodes called « Yes, I'm fine, really ! ». The title is pretty ironic considering it's about Rhys, a 23 year old who is seriously depressed but will not admit she is. Her depression having a huge impact on her life, she just failed her final year of college, which lead her to making a stupid decision that got
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I'm back!
I actually forgot about this place for a little while, lol. Thats my bad. But i can see that the site changed dramatically while I was gone. It looks nice. What has everybody been up to in the past couple of months? Any cool new projects or aspiring voice actors joining?