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Zeta Studios is looking for talent for a New Abridged Series
Casting Call
King Of The Monsters In Space
Heroic Age Abridged

Project Genre: Action Adventure, Adult Comedy

Zeta Studios is look for talent for an Accelerated Abridged production. What is an Accelerated production? Heroic Age has 26 episodes, accelerating this production will create 10, approximately, 3 to 5 minute episode, though the first will be close to the traditional 10. Basi
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Zeta Studios is looking for talent for Zombie World!
[Image: http://zetastudios.net/Graphics/ZWBanner.jpg]
Project Genre: Adult, Soft-core, Comedy, Horror

Zeta Studios is currently looking for voice talent to replace two of our female main characters and fill the following Extra roles in Episode 3 of Zombie World, aka Highschool of the Dead Abridged.

Please Follow All Instructions For Your Audition

Legal Notice:
The casting is for a Mature Audience production, whi
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[CLOSED] Looking for Female Actors for Puzzle Game
Thank you Everyone for sending your auditions in Smile

Hello we are looking for 6 female voices for our upcoming puzzle game, Super Puzzle Sisters...

Quick overview of the game,[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial] Super Puzzle Sisters is a fast paced match 3 puzzle game taking inspiration from old ar
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We're looking for staff!
Do you want to have a positive effect effect on the voice acting community?  Got experience building a community? Love to write tutorials? Want to help moderate the forum? Love writing tutorials?

Whatever you can do if you want to help we want to hear from you! This is a community and we find you get back what you contribute!

Join us today!

DM me if you're interested and let me know what kind of role you'd be interested in! The only thing we ask is that if you apply that you'll be a
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[Unpaid] Looking for singers to participate in covering Hamilton songs
Hello everyone! I am currently looking for people that would be interested in doing covers of songs from the Hamilton soundtrack.

If you are interested please take the following into consideration.

1. Be respectful of everyone.the entire soundtrack will be covered and that character roles will be assigned to people. 

Also note that if you are not chosen for a specific character you will be considered for the ensamble.

2.Have a decent quality mic.

3. Make sure that you'll be ab
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Looking for a Female Vocalist for a short song sample
Hey! How's it going everyone! So I'm here because my friends are doing their "2 Minute Songs" challenge. Part 1 was a cover of a song and now part 2 is an original song. The goal is for each of us to make a 2 minute song and then everyone can vote for their favorite.  I'm looking for a female vocalist for a 20 second-ish chorus. This is an original song with themes of struggle and trying to find your way after falling. I'll post the lyrics here as well as links for the song. I am by no means an
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Looking to form team for Arrow/Flash fan series
[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm working on two audio series - alternate versions of Flash and Arrow. I've already recruited some writers, but we'd like more people to join our creative team if possible. As well as that, we're looking for script editors to review scripts and make sure that overall characterisation remains consistent, casting directors to help find voice actors and sound editors to help produce th
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Looking for a female lead character
I'm looking for a female lead character for the series I'm working on. The first 2 episodes are up on NG and you can check them out on my NG page but I'll leave a link to them here as well. I'm looking for someone to match the old VA's voice.

Audition Lines:

1. That was stupid what you did yesterday!
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Looking for voice actors for a comic book trailer
I am looking for voice actors to narrate for a trailer for my comic "Sleepless Warrior"

The comic is about a village guard who sleeps on the job and wakes up to find his homeland in ruins thanks to three dastardly bandits.
He sets on a journey to destroy the bandits and the ambitious feudal lord who sent them to steal the mysterious crystal globe!

I am looking for several voice actors to narrate the following line as different characters as if they were speaking a testimonial:

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Looking for a female voice actor
Hi i'm currently looking for a Female voice actor to play a small or big role in a horror movie i'm currently filming If you are interested, please post your email down below and I will contact you for more information. Thank you!