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Lego MARVEL Spider Man Episode 4: CASTING CALL(STILL OPEN!!!!)
Hello all. I created a Lego Spiderman series, found here.
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...NfInC3</a>]

I took a year long break to focus on other things,but I am ready to bring it back from the dead. In this episode, our favourite[size=medium][font=Arial, Hel
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LEGO Stop-Motion series M/F VA's needed ASAP!
I'm creating some loose sketches around the six Toa characters of the Lego BIONICLE series: Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Onua, and Pohatu. While I've previously had all six cast, four are not as readily available as they used to be and I would be interested in hearing new interpretations. Here are the four: 

I would suggest skimming a couple of my recent animations here at www.youtube.com/c/callanlof to get a general idea of the tone of my animations, thoug
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Lego Spiderman: Heroes and Villians
I still need more voices to complete my sinister six fan video. Here the characters I need:

Norman Osborn
who:  one of Spidey's greatest enemies
testline: You may have been given the name Osborn, but you haven't earned it.
sounds like: william defoe

who: dangerous man from another world
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[CLOSED] THE DETECTIVE: Male and Female Voices Wanted!
I am looking to expand the cast of our pilot episode for a new action-adventure series called The Detective[color=#303f50][size=medium][font=Arial] produced entirely using LEGO characters, sets, and models, and was hoping that you lovely people might be able to help. This project is still in the early s