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Just a few clips
Hey everyone I'm new to these forums and I decided as my first post to this website I would post a few of my roles so you guys can listen to them if there are any creators out there looking for a voice. Seeing how I don't have many roles (I've been know to get projects that either don't go anywhere or they don't go long.) I will just post the youtube links for you guys to watch, maybe give me some advice, offer me a role, or poke fun of it even. I'll also give you guys a summery of the clips I p
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Just a voice acting test I done for a horror mod.
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[Unpaid] I need some artists for my series that's just getting started
  Big Grin  Hi there. Have you ever had a dream? What am I saying, of course you have. You're on this site.  Blush

       So, anyways. This project is going to be a byproduct of a much larger project of mine which I call Crazy Hawk productions. It is a cartoon series pilot episode for a series that's all about helping people and traveling through dimensions.

      Blush  It's 92% G rated. Minor violence and no foul language (which