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Pro VO for Indie Games
Hey y'alls,

New to the site, so thought I'd say hey and share.

10+ years experience doing this and trained with Adam Harrington (League of Legends, Wolf Among Us, Guardians of the Galaxy).
Just updated the studio and it's crystal clear AAA quality audio.  

If you have a project, let's talk and bring it to life.  Smile

Demo below:

[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/0KL5wdw...dw_VQo</a>]


Alexei (uh-LEX-ee)
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[IndieGameProject] RetroSkunk voice actors needed
It's a 2d Indie Platformer called "the Retro Skunk"
I've been working on this project for like 3 years.
It's mostly based on MegaMan and other video games
such as Mario and metroid.
I'm planning to put it on steam once I finish it.
[align=center]It will have 4 playable characters
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Copy/Credit Unpaid Micro Budget Feature
Hello, I have been working on a low budget feature film for over 3 years, and I am in need of voice actors. This is for unpaid work, but I can give you a credit and copy of the film when it is complete. You will also be welcome to use any segments of the film for your reel/portfolio.

The film is called Ninja Mountain. It is roughly 80 minutes in length. It was conceptualized as a spoof of the kung fu & ninja movies from the 1970's and 80's. It follows a very traditional story-line about a young
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Indie Team looking for Voice Actors (2M 1F) (Closed)
Hi everyone,

I´m working on a small Indie Game and we are currently looking for Voice Actors.

It´s a short story-based game about an elderly man and his family.
You can find more info in our audition document:

Send you Auditions to [email=niftyllamagames@gmail.com]niftyllamagames@gmail.com[/
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I'm working on an indie horror game - doing both programming and sound track design. I have some basic elements of the game completed, and am planning to release the game towards the end of this year if it's finished by then.

I need male voice actors with a deep voice, so anyone meeting these specifications are welcome to audition. The audition entries will close on June 30th 2018, and then me and a couple others will pick the best one. The selected VA will also receive Early Access to the ga