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"The Descending" Minecraft Horror Game [Actor Needed]
Hi my name is David, but everyone calls me Mamba in the video game world. I've designed several maps for Minecraft since 2014, each with positive reviews. You can check out some of the projects I've made on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ8vUrgAekL2-8zWC-c-vdQ

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[TW: Abuse] MAMA Horror Game Casting Call{EXTENDING AUDITIONS}
Hello! Before I start looking for work myself, I have a project in need of VAs. 1 Male is needed.

Project Details:
MAMA is an RPG horror game centering around a young girl's relationship to her mother. At the girl's expense, the mother causes strange things to happen around their home, located in northern England. Monsters, strange noises, and untrustable boys lurk around the house, that the mother has summoned to "teach her daughter a lesson."

Character Details:
Davius: Male Child (10-1
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Looking for a female voice actor
Hi i'm currently looking for a Female voice actor to play a small or big role in a horror movie i'm currently filming If you are interested, please post your email down below and I will contact you for more information. Thank you!
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Survival Horror\Zombie Apocalypse Voice Packs?
Hello! I'm working on a Survival Horror Genre RPG Maker game, and I'm in need of a few voice packs! I need both Male and Female packs, with the following lines.

General Greetings

"Hello there."
"How are you?"
"How are things holding up?"

General Farewells

"See you."
"I'll be seeing you."
"Be careful out there."


"What was that?!"
"Did anyone else hear that?"
[b]"Oh, no.
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Just a voice acting test I done for a horror mod.
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New Arrivals (Horror Short)
Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I'm currently working on a horror short and need a few voices to help me out. The short will be about 10 to 15 minutes long and will feature violence, and strong language. The threat is of a non-zombie variety. What is it? Well, I guess you'll have to wait and find out! 

[b][i][u]Synopsis: Freelance Journalist Liz is on the trail of her missing sister. She discovers that multiple people in the small town have also gone missing in the last month. Af
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'Call of the Scarecrow' - Sims 2 Slasher Film [1M 1F] SOUTHERN ACCENTS

[Image: http://thumbsnap.com/i/i6Di3PNP.png]

Call of the Scarecrow
is an upcoming slasher film I'm making with the Sims 2 about a homeless and dying teenager named Joe Winko (already voiced by me) who is stranded in rural town of Black Ridge Arkansas, where a magic killer scarecrow is on the loose! Joe soon finds out that only he can stop the scarecrow. Will he be successful?


The characters all talk in a slight southern a
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The BlackBoard: Animated Horror Series [UNPAID]
The Blackboard plot:
A paranormal studies class goes on a class trip to an abandoned school building that is rumored to be haunted.
Staying for only one night, it shakes up the student body, the teacher, and the bus driver, when the school has
a change of plans for them. When they wake up trying to leave, they begin to realize they are somehow locked in.
Included in their stay, the school offers mind games every second, minute, and hour.
Every human has their own dark secret.
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I'm working on an indie horror game - doing both programming and sound track design. I have some basic elements of the game completed, and am planning to release the game towards the end of this year if it's finished by then.

I need male voice actors with a deep voice, so anyone meeting these specifications are welcome to audition. The audition entries will close on June 30th 2018, and then me and a couple others will pick the best one. The selected VA will also receive Early Access to the ga
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Into the Darkness (An Audio Horror Short and Test)
Hey all! Hope you're doing well! This clip is from my Horror Short audio project. It was more of a test to see how the concepts would translate from the page to the audio file. I want to thank everyone who was involved in the project especially since the last few months have been crazy for me. Big shout outs to Haley CM. I can't thank you enough! My friend has turned the short into a full episodic series that goes way more in depth with the characters and story. But for now I hope you all put on