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VAA GOT CRASHED,.. Im still here
I hadnt been on the Voice Acting Alliance site but I recieved an email that reminded me to get come back on. I searched on Google and I learned the site had been hacked, and now its VA Space instead. Anyways the whole point is, Im not new and I had previous projects and connections that were lost. So youre looking for a solid voice actor im your'e guy.
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Electric Vicuña Productions Here :)
Hey Folks! 
Thanks so much for the invite Azure, I really appreciate it.
Just wanted to wish everyone the best on this site. I love how it's set out and look forward to listening to all the great productions.

I run the Sonic Society Podcast a weekly showcase of modern audio drama for almost 15 years now (yes we're the Grandfathers of audio drama podcasting). If you have a show that you'd like to have the world hear we'd be happy to play it (as long as its not fan fiction we can't do that an