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Help Wanted for Geeky Website
Hey guys and Gals,

I am Jamie, creator and content creator for Caiminds.com

Are you a fan of everything that is gaming, anime, comics, tv and movies? Do you have the passion to share the news that the latest trailer for that awesome anime just got released? The ability to well written articles that our readers are dying to comment on? Or the excitement to share your views on game that has yet to be released? If so we are looking for you!

Recently Caiminds has been expanding quite rapi
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Please help me voice 45 short phrases
Hi everyone! I'm not a native English speaker, but I have a hobby in my spare time I teach English and I need to find English speaker who helps me voice 45 English phrases. 

Such as:
I like having you here.
Don’t even think about it.
I was just about to call you, actually.

Please feel free to email me boikonikolai.sf@gmail.com 

I will be very grateful for your help!
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I need help with my about me page.
I’m trying to figure out how to edit my about me page. I didn’t get the chance to put in my voice type in when I registered. Could someone please help me?
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HELP: Lumiere Accent from Beauty and the Beast
I have been cast as Lumiere (a candlestick) for my school musical Beauty and the Beast (it's my first time in a musical too, which is even more exciting!), but I'm having trouble nailing the French accent. I can do a proper French accent, but of course, Lumiere's is not like an authentic one.

I am trying to get the same accent as [font=R