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Female Voice Needed For Dark Magician Girl
Hey, I'm looking for someone to play the Dark Magician Girl in an episode of my review series. The voice doesn't have to be exact, but it doesn't hurt. 

Audition lines:
"That would be me. Are you okay Reviewer?"
"*exasperated* You didn’t read the note in the back of the book, did you?"
"*irritated* Okay… let me take this from the top. *calm* My name is Mystiss, the Dark Magician Girl."

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Moon Pride (Milky Neko Cover)
This is an English cover of the Anime Song. Moon Pride. This will be uploaded on YouTube. If you are selected I would need your discord and need you to join my server which I will send you if you are selected. I need someone to sing this with my friend (Matty Ruiz) will be Sailor Mars and I will produce the song (MilkyNeko). Please, audition!  -Matty/Milky

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self-absorbed American teenage girl voice-needed!
I'm  shooting a short film for university, and I need a female voice-over to read one part of my script as soon as possible. You will be fully credited and I can send you the final version of the film Smile

Character: a stereotypical self-absorbed American teenage girl who is concerned mainly by clothing, shopping, and being popular.


1: (Annoyed) Ugh, okay!

2: (Excited) (Talking on the phone) Hi Steph, oh my gosh, are you kidding. I totally think you should buy it! Hold on. Send