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[ Community Challenge] Message from the past
We haven't done one of these since we relaunched, it's time for a community challenge. These aren't auditions as such but challenges that everyone can participate in Smile

For the first one I'll start of with the theme of " Message from the past".

Your challenge is to create a work involving voice acting ( audio, video, game etc) on the theme of a message from the past. Think of phone messages, audio logs in games, ghosts, memories anything you can think of. You then need to create somethi
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HELP: Lumiere Accent from Beauty and the Beast
I have been cast as Lumiere (a candlestick) for my school musical Beauty and the Beast (it's my first time in a musical too, which is even more exciting!), but I'm having trouble nailing the French accent. I can do a proper French accent, but of course, Lumiere's is not like an authentic one.

I am trying to get the same accent as [font=R
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One Piece: Who Will Save Robin From Aokiji? (4M, 2F, 2M/F)
One Piece: Who Will Save Robin from Aokiji?

Well Ladies & Gentlemen this shall be a Casting Call for an Audioplay Version of my One Piece Fanfic "Who Will Save Robin from Aokiji?" in which you can read at the following links...



(Note: Yeah I admit I'm not the best proofr