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16gig of free HQ Sound Effects
Sonnis is giving away 16gb of high quality sound effects for free as part of a GDC promotion. You don't have to attribute and can use them for paid purposes too.
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[Free Work] Simple Advert Voiceover
Hello Everybody, I'm Doctor.......

How are you all doing on this lovely crisp morning of the 1st January 2017 (Happy New Year btw).

I am looking for someone to do a simple voice reel with a few after effects, I'm trying to add a whispering, coughing segment to an advert I want to make to advertise a stream I am doing on Twitch on 23rd/24th January.

[align=left]I want the following line's spoken along with some c
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1 Gig of sound effects free for this weekend
" A sound effect" has made over a gig of sound effects free for this weekend. Numbers are also limited so you may wanna grab these quick.
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The Useful resources list - Free music, software and sound effects
I thought it'd be great to make a super master list of basic resources needed for voice acting, and content production. I'm emphasising free software and music but other tutorials, resources and links are included as well. Feel free to suggest stuff.

https://incompetech.com/ - Royalty Free music
http://soundimage.org/ - Free music and loops
Josh Woodward - Fr