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[UNPAID] Inanimate Game VA British Female Actress needed
I am developing a game as final project of university and I would need a VA british female to voice 1 character (A ghost- like female character). Would anyone be interested? You will be in the credits if you participate. (british accent for both)

There are about 40 lines for the ghost.

If you want to see how the game looks, here it is:

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[CLOSED] Looking for Female Actors for Puzzle Game
Thank you Everyone for sending your auditions in Smile

Hello we are looking for 6 female voices for our upcoming puzzle game, Super Puzzle Sisters...

Quick overview of the game,[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial] Super Puzzle Sisters is a fast paced match 3 puzzle game taking inspiration from old ar
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2017 Demo Reel ( female, British, kids)
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...DRkrrI</a>]

Got a new reel up, it's also on soundcloud , would love some feedback!
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[SOLVED] female voice for audio drama
We are looking for one additional female voice actor for the children's crime series called "Friends Fight Foes" (unpayed pilot).
Three friends Justin, Toby, and Mabel are trying to solve the crime of a local streak of burglary. We are looking for supporting voice actor:

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Looking for a Female Vocalist for a short song sample
Hey! How's it going everyone! So I'm here because my friends are doing their "2 Minute Songs" challenge. Part 1 was a cover of a song and now part 2 is an original song. The goal is for each of us to make a 2 minute song and then everyone can vote for their favorite.  I'm looking for a female vocalist for a 20 second-ish chorus. This is an original song with themes of struggle and trying to find your way after falling. I'll post the lyrics here as well as links for the song. I am by no means an
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[Original Animated Series] Need a male and female lead

[ Original Animated Series] Spirit Fist!


[color=#595959][font=Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif]Spirit Fist! is an original animated web series I'm currently working on, It'
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DEAD ROUTE / Wrong Turn | Sims 2 [1 Male 1 Female] 18+
I need voices for my upcoming Sims 2 slasher movie, Dead Route. 

Dead Route is going to be about me/Joe Winko (already voiced by me) going into the Darien Gap to explore the mysteries of the Darien Gap. When he gets there, he discovers pure evil! Three inbred homicidal cannibals live in the Darien Gap (they’re based off the Cannibals from the Wrong Turn movies) and they plan on adding him to their menu! Will Joe Winko escape? What will be left of him?

Please send your audition to joeisawesome4
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[Animated Series] Adrenaline - Japanese/English female
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/W3qYu37...37FPts</a>]


I am the animator for an original street racing series on YouTube. Check out the video above to get a taste of what the series is about. =)


We're looking for one role for now. The character's name is "Yui". She's the one on the left with brown hair...

[Image: http://www.a-sr.com/script/ep6/09-03.jpg]
[Image: http://www.a-sr.com/script/ep6/09-02.jpg]

- her voice and personality are kind of cute an
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Looking for a female lead character
I'm looking for a female lead character for the series I'm working on. The first 2 episodes are up on NG and you can check them out on my NG page but I'll leave a link to them here as well. I'm looking for someone to match the old VA's voice.

Audition Lines:

1. That was stupid what you did yesterday!
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Azure's Voice Acting Resume [ Female, British]
How much experience do you have?
[color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]I'm sure I must have missed things out on my resume list ( tell me if you spot something). I've been voice acting for over 15 years and over that time I've been involved in animation, games, mods fan dubs and audio drama among other things. I largely work as a fan voice actress for fan works such as fan dubs, audio drama, flash animati