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Who are your favourite voice actors?
I'm always intrigued to know this one. I'm not limiting your answers in any way either, they are YOUR favourites after all. They could have a stellar career in the field of voice overs, or they could have only ever done it the once. They could be from a feature length animated film or simply from advertisements. They could even be world famous celebrities or just your mate Barry from down the road!

For my picks it has to be John Di Maggio as my all time favourite. Most people will know him as
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Favourite Voice acting warm ups?
What are your favourite warm ups for voice acting? I think my personal favourite is just going sssssss sssss ssssss, I can't honestly remember where I learned it but it feels like it helps to warm my voice quickly. This site has a good selection, though I don't always bother to do a full run before I record. My other big prerecord ritual is to drink a ton of water.  My ideal prep is to take a shower....but it's not