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Pikmin Extinction Finale - 1M (REOPENED)
Pikmin Extinction Final Part

I'm creating the final part to my somewhat succesful Pikmin Parody series on Youtube. It's a continuation of the series and due to the previous voice actor for Alph dropping out I need one more male voice filled. 

Preferably similar to the already established voice for Alph (The blue one) in the video below

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...RwXeCc</a>]


Sample Lines:

"Wow, lo
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Project: Capital Extinction
Hello there! I am looking for voice actors for a cartoon called "Capital Extinction" which I am also a voice actor for. This cartoon is by Vintage Toilet on YouTube, it is about a cartoon-iverse (haha get it?) where everyone started off black and white, and then the apocalypse of cleansing when the transition to color happened. No one knows about the transition because it gives them amnesia if they're from the classic cartoons, like the Essence girls (Fray, Pe'pe, and Rose.) There's new toons th