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Nichijou ( My Ordinary Life) Fan dub Meet Nano
Thought I'd kick this off with some fun anime!

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...izOZvQ</a>]
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[Tutorial] How to fan dub in Adobe Premiere
ince it's fairly commonly asked, I'm going to guide you on how to make a fandub in Adobe Premiere Elements 14. You should be able to follow along fairly easily in other video editors. I learned on Adobe and the Elements version bundled with photoshop is reasonably priced at around £60. Vegas is also pretty popular but I've never liked it much.
First lets take a look at the work area:
[Image: http://www.voiceacting.space/images/video1.jpg]
You can see it's fairly simply set out, there's a vi
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One Punch Man ( episode 1 dub) - Saitama versus Crablante
Woot! the first community project is done, a fan-dub from episode 1 of One-Punch man.

This is a short fan dub from part of episode 1 of One-Punch man. If you enjoy the dub support the series you can stream it legally subbed from Daisuke.net and buy the manga from VIZ.

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Attack on Titan Motion Manga Dub Film/Series
[Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e...lume_1.jpg]
Hey actors and actresses, I'll try to keep this explanation short so you don't fall asleep. Essentially I'm doing an Attack on Titan Film on my channel that starts off a series. The film will be derived from the first 4 Manga Chapters. The main difference is that I will be animating the manga as well so I'm calling it a sort of "motion manga".
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Zombeena: Sample Lines - Character Dub: Tom Ashton
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...upfaWo</a>]

I hope you all enjoy, and feedback is appreciated, please support the creator of this project as it is not my creation nor do i own the dialogue, just let me know what you all thinkSmile DISCLAIMER!: this is not an audition for the role as the auditions are closed I just thought it would be fun to try out a character as I found the script quite entertaining.

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Goku Black And Zamasu Fandub Auditions
- Description
This for my upcoming Fan dub! It will be a goku black and Zamasu fandub. It is very daiologe heavy so prepare for alot of talking!

- Character list/profiles
Zamasu: Zamasu is a very calm and collected man. However he hates ningen, or mortals. He believes they are a stain on planet earth and wants to use the Zero Mortals plan to wipe them out

- Audition lines
I guess for a deadline I have to say within a month of this post

The Zero mortals plan, It's ironic isn’t it. The
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English Dub Voice Actors
I find English dub voice actors to be very talented people. In my opinion I think the original voice overs are better but in some cases the dubs are better. Such as Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. For anyone who has seen the dub, I'm pretty sure you would agree. I think that Jamie Marchi, (voice actor of Panty) does a great job of acting out "crazy" or "outgoing" characters. 

Another English dub VA I like is Rebecca Shoichet, specifically when she was voice acting for Nana Osaki in
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No Response [Comic Dub]
Yo everyone! Me and my friend put together a comic dub! It is a yandere simulator comic dub!

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COMIC DUB - Memorabilia: Chapter 4

[color=#111111]COMIC DUB
Chapter 4
Written by escente
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Looking for Female Natsuki for DDLC Videogame Dub. Need fiery, cute, and young voice.
[Image: https://ddlc.moe/images/itch-banner.png]

-- Details --
For this project, my associates and I plan for us to only voice act the 2nd act in the game. As such, we are in need of someone who would be willing to voice act as Natsuki. One member has the role of Yuri, and have already found people to do the role of the protagonist as well as myself as Monika. After the 2nd act has been completed, and if the individuals involved in the project would like us to do the other remaining