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[anime+cartoon] video demo reels (in both English and Japanese!)
Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I'm a sophomore at NYU. I'm new to VO and this site, so I'm hoping to make some friends here( ^ω^ )
    Here are some compilations of anime+cartoon clips that I did in both languages. I'm mainly skilled at the cute loli or teen voices. Enjoy! (*¯︶¯*)
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Looking for Female Natsuki for DDLC Videogame Dub. Need fiery, cute, and young voice.
[Image: https://ddlc.moe/images/itch-banner.png]

-- Details --
For this project, my associates and I plan for us to only voice act the 2nd act in the game. As such, we are in need of someone who would be willing to voice act as Natsuki. One member has the role of Yuri, and have already found people to do the role of the protagonist as well as myself as Monika. After the 2nd act has been completed, and if the individuals involved in the project would like us to do the other remaining
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Animation Demo
Here's my animation reel.


If you like what you hear, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,