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Do you like comics? If so, which ones do you prefer? Are you a Marvel fan or do you like DC more? What are your favorite superhero characters?
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Mr Sticky Comics: Sleepless Warrior Motion Comic Auditions
I am writing a martial arts revenge comic called "Sleepless Warrior". I made a previous thread for a trailer and I want to thank
all who participated in it. Here is the trailer 

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...ttp://</a>]

I am looking to do a motion comic for the first chapter (artwork by Canko Stefanov) and hopefully the entire series.
If a character does not have a name near them then that means they are available to voice.

[b]Main Characters: [/b
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Mr. Sticky Comics: Counting Motion Comic Audtions
Hi it's Mr. Sticky again with another motion comic audition. This time for the short comic "Counting".
Which you can read here  counting comic   

I am still working on the Sleepless Warrior Motion Comic but I thought I might as well get started casting for my other comics too.
If you are interested in any project please e-mail me at mrsticky005comics@gmail.com

Just to be clear as I have no money none of these are paid at the moment. But
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Looking For Line Webtoon Voice Actors for Series of Comics
[color=#595959]Hi, My name is Anais and I'm an online voice actor looking for a band of people to work with on a series of voice over projects using comics from a popular free site known as Line Webtoon. There are a number of comics I would like to do with a group of dedicated people who love voice acting as much as I do. This site is completely free to the public and has a variety of comics for anyone separated into various genres. [/co
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Super Mario ComicDubs Nintendo Comics System (14M, 9F, 3F/M)
[u][b][Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/kQboAa...V1aCWWX5UC][/b][/u]
Super Mario ComicDubs- Nintendo Comics System Auds

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NEW CHARACTERS (2nd Round) - DC Comics meets Jack the Ripper
There are 12 characters total. We've cast 4, we are casting the next 4 this week. See details below.

[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This is an audio project for DC Entropy, a multimedia fan-verse of the DC Comics universe on Twitter and Youtube. We're going to be launching our first community event soon, where followers will be able to vote on the direction of the story playing out across the event. Part newspaper ar