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A Dwarf Campaign using the computer game Total War : Warhammer
Hey all,

I have just started a YouTube channel and looking for a male voice actor, who can sound like a dwarf i.e Lord of the Rings Gimli

This chap Gimli

Project Description

I have started to create a series using the computer game Total War : Warhammer, where you play a campaign and try to achieve certain goals. Now there is the classic lets play (just record yourself and chat over it) on YouTube, I did not want to go dow
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Warhammer:Total war 2 Campaign : Dark Elves
Hey there I am back looking for another Voice Actor, this time female.

My last project is on going and here is a link to the playlist so you can check it out how it is going and what I am looking for, currently on the 5th one in the series I am awaiting lines from my voice actors (4th one is done). I will post it here when it is completed.

Ungrim Voice Acted Campaign

I have had lots of great feedback and
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2M for Total War : Warhammer 2 Wood Elves Campaign
Hey all, I am looking for two male voice actors for a campaign which, unlike my Dark Elves Campaign, this has been completed it is a series of 10 episodes all of which are on my youTube channel. Here is the 1st episode so you can see what I have created.