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Azure's Voice Acting Resume [ Female, British]
How much experience do you have?
[color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]I'm sure I must have missed things out on my resume list ( tell me if you spot something). I've been voice acting for over 15 years and over that time I've been involved in animation, games, mods fan dubs and audio drama among other things. I largely work as a fan voice actress for fan works such as fan dubs, audio drama, flash animati
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Young Boy + Male Extras/Singers Needed - Peter Pan
A few months ago I started auditions for a full fandub of Peter Pan, which I am hoping to release just in time for Christmas. Editing and casting is coming on very well, with the majority of characters cast. However, I am still in need of a voice actor for one main character - John Darling. I originally self-casted myself as John due to lack of auditons for him, and I don't really want to voice him unless it's a last resort.

John is aged 8-12, with a British accent. He loves to play pi