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[Unpaid] Black X Heart EP2 Male/Female VA needed!
Ok all characters for ep 1 cast.

Here is episode 1 if you're curious : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWHeWOed_Ck&t=7s

Now, ep2!!!!!!!

2D animation series named Black x Heart. Fantasy shonen style series about a guy facing depression.

Characters list for ep2:

Main female character - Veronica [TAKEN]

Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uv0y7jgw9wy04a...a.odt?dl=0

Male character - Aldo (will have a side character with pitch variation) [TAKEN]

Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd9r1i9c2
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Murder at Black Manor (Cluedo Videogame Narration)
Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Earlier this year I was able to get into the studio at Teesside University to voice for my friend's game project.
While I don't have a link to a demo or a video of the gameplay, Danielle's portfolio can be found here - daniellesinclair4.wixsite.com/portfolio/

I was able to grab the raw files and upload them all to Soundcloud - [url=htt
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Black Panther Trailer
[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...MOGAhw</a>]

Just saw this, I don't know too much about Black Panther but this is looking awesome. Anyone else looking forward to this? With Thor Ragnarok out soon as well as the Defenders, it's looking a good year for Marvel.
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Goku Black And Zamasu Fandub Auditions
- Description
This for my upcoming Fan dub! It will be a goku black and Zamasu fandub. It is very daiologe heavy so prepare for alot of talking!

- Character list/profiles
Zamasu: Zamasu is a very calm and collected man. However he hates ningen, or mortals. He believes they are a stain on planet earth and wants to use the Zero Mortals plan to wipe them out

- Audition lines
I guess for a deadline I have to say within a month of this post

The Zero mortals plan, It's ironic isn’t it. The
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Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black Saga Abridged
Hey my name ibby and I'm making a Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Saga Parody. I need 5 male voice actors for these 5 roles , the roles are Goku Black , Son Goku , Vegeta , Trunks , and , Zamasu. Try to sound like the original voice actors for the Funimation dub for Vegeta Goku and for Goku Black try to sound evil and cocky. My gmail is abridged2568@gmail.com
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Black Butler Abridged Series
Hello! I am working on creating an abridged series based around Black Butler and am currently in need of help for it.

Before I can start looking for voice actors I am searching for people that can help in creating the actual series
as it would be quite difficult to do all on my own. Unfortunately this is an unpaid project..

Currently I need;

Script writers: These people will work on the script with me and write episodes/Jokes to make sure
they run smoothly and work well.
Video Editor