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Posting some work? Be sure to comment on other people's work too!
I'm not enforcing this as a rule but a guideline. If you post some work in here, please try and listen/watch to someone else's work and give a comment too. This section will only work if we watch each other's work.

Thank you!

Let's make this forum somewhere we can all share our work and get great feedback.
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How soon can a thread be reposted?
I had a project in the works for a while now. I even posted a thread in search of actors. Unfortunately, nobody answered to it. Is it possible to repost the thread, and how long would I have to wait to prevent breaking any rules? This is the only forum that seems promising for a fandub, so I'm hoping that I get to try again sometime relatively soon.
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We should be on the new host
Hey! We should have moved hosts!!! ^_^ please let me know if anything is broken like you can't make posts, certain pages are missing etc.