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Getting back into shape, tips for getting back to speed after taking a break
[color=#666666][font='Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]eal life can often get in the way of your hobbies, homework needs to be done or bills paid. Suddenly a few weeks hiatus turns into months or even years of little creative output.  Some people can get back to work immediately other people find that they get out shape and things they once found easy seem hard again.  Voice acting involves both your brain and your body, and both can get a little out of shape without the proper workout.
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I'm back!
I actually forgot about this place for a little while, lol. Thats my bad. But i can see that the site changed dramatically while I was gone. It looks nice. What has everybody been up to in the past couple of months? Any cool new projects or aspiring voice actors joining?