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Newbies Guide: How to Audition
[color=#666666][font='Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Part one of our extensive introduction to amateur voice acting looks at the kinds of projects you can get involved in, and how to find out more, which include games, machinima, flash, and podcasts. The last time I wrote one of these guides it was ten years ago. Periodically I would update it and I was this going to do the same again for this site. But a lot of things have changed, and so have a lot of my views. This guide aims to ena
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Want to post an audition some stuff to think about!
This was a rant I posted on my Tumblr a while ago and it seemed to resonate:
[Image: http://40.media.tumblr.com/77e2be6df02af...1_1280.jpg]

[color=#4c4c4c][size=small][font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Fo
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Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Mystic Artes Exhibition Audition [4F]
[align=center][color=#666666][size=small][font=Tahoma, sans-serif]This one's a dub collaboration for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 mystic artes and it'll be the last one we'll ever do. Mixing completed. [color=#313131][url=https
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Unexpected - Wren Audition Critique
I'm looking for your opinion / critique on this audition here. Thanks for listening, take it apart!
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How to post an audition an in depth guide for content creators
How to post an audition ( and what to look for if you're auditioning)

I've made snarky gifs about this before, but I wanted to talk a bit more in depth about auditions. We have some fairly strict rules on here and I wanted to go a little into why, and also what makes a good audition post.

Why can't I just post “ I need voice actors?” ?

The fact you're on a voice acting forum, in the auditions section kind of hints at this already. What we want to know is what yo
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How to Audition for your first voice acting role
How to audition for online voice acting projects
[size=small]If you're on this site then there's a chance that you want to get involved in amateur voice acting, or you might be looking for voice actors. This guide is for AVAs looking to audition, but might also be of use for those of you posting auditions so you can understand how the process works. Amateur voice acting roles are usually recorded in each actor's own home, they then send the files
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Working with voice actors what to do when you have to cast
So you've held auditions and you now need to cast. I'll briefly talk about, this though in the end it's up to you. But if you're still stuck here are some pointers:
  • The person fits the character – if you're sensible your audition had example lines that will help you pick out who will portray the character the best. Rarely will they be exact, but this the whole core of casting, this is the thing you want. Here are some things to think ab
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Goku Black And Zamasu Fandub Auditions
- Description
This for my upcoming Fan dub! It will be a goku black and Zamasu fandub. It is very daiologe heavy so prepare for alot of talking!

- Character list/profiles
Zamasu: Zamasu is a very calm and collected man. However he hates ningen, or mortals. He believes they are a stain on planet earth and wants to use the Zero Mortals plan to wipe them out

- Audition lines
I guess for a deadline I have to say within a month of this post

The Zero mortals plan, It's ironic isn’t it. The
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what_we_do_for_uni [original]
We are a new team and cannot offer payment for these roles. This work will strictly be voluntary.

Email: stuffy57wolf57@gmail.com
(please email auditions to this address in .mp3 format)
Lines (see below)
[size=x-small][font=Verdana, Arial,
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[Audio Drama] The Unexplainable Notebook
Hello everyone!  I have a new original audio play script written after a long hiatus and I would love to seek auditions from this talented group! The position would be unpaid, as I do this as a non profit hobby.  If you would like to smaple any of my other work, my website is http://www.room503prods.com

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial]The title of the project is “The Unexplainable Notebook”.  WARNING:  The script does contain some i