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Murder at Black Manor (Cluedo Videogame Narration)
Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Earlier this year I was able to get into the studio at Teesside University to voice for my friend's game project.
While I don't have a link to a demo or a video of the gameplay, Danielle's portfolio can be found here - daniellesinclair4.wixsite.com/portfolio/

I was able to grab the raw files and upload them all to Soundcloud - [url=htt
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What are you working on at the moment?
Thought it'd be cool for everyone to discuss what they are working on at the moment project wise. I'm currently in pre-production for two things, an anthology audio drama and a visual novel. The audio drama is fantasy and the VN is cyberpunk so fairly different. I'm  not sure which will be ready first but I suspect it's visual novel as I'd quite like to finish it for Halloween!

What are the rest of you working on?
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Tokyo Ghoul TAS (unpaid at the moment)
I am a long time fan of abridging and have made a test to post to prove my skills of editing, you will have to have a basic understanding of tokyo ghoul to apply, The List of characters are available here:

Touka Kirishima (Preferbly a female voice actor)
Nishiki Nishio (Normal Voice will do)
Kureo Mado (Wierd personality)
Tsukiyama Shuu (Normal Voice)
Yukumo Oomori 'Jason' (Deep Voice)
Juzzou Suzuya (Female voice actor)
Uta (Camp voice)
Arima Kishou (Normal voice)

The rest of the voice