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Anyone know where to find creators?
Does anyone know of a place one would find other creators such composers, intro creators, ect? I'm currently looking for some talented people who can create an original intro for my production house and a theme song. I've tried googling some stuff but didn't get very far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Anyone going to Acen that would like to be a part of a VA Panel?
(I hope this is a good spot to put this. I wasn't for sure if this should be where I put this so if it isn't feel free to let me know!)

Hello voiceacting.space. While this isn't a project per say, I am looking for a few possible voice actors to join us at Anime Central 2019 for a panel. (I don't think I need to put this but just in case...Acen takes place in Rosemont, Illinois. 2019's dates will be May 17-19.) I'll try to put this as short as possible but knowing me I'm not going to succeed.