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[Animation] Colors, Jake and Jack
Hello, I am Troy Davis and I am opening auditions for a sort of revival in my channel. Known as Zazarstudios, I made several animations consisting of short stories and parodies. I plan to continue that by reviving my series, Jake and Jack and Colors. As of now, I am only planning to work on Colors because I have a busy life with other things I need and want to do. If all goes well, I will probably start working on Jake and Jack next, which will require more demanding talent. 

    Here are what
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The Blind Angel [CLOSED]
Hello! I am an Animation student working on a final major project. I've chosen to do an origin story of sorts, and need voices as soon as possible.

EDIT: The following roles have been filled: Narrator, The Blind Angel, Masked Angel 2, Masked Angel 3, Masked Angel 4, Masked Angel 5
EDIT 2: The deadline has been pushed back to 25th May
EDIT 3: Auditions are now closed. Thank you for your auditions!


[s][b]Narrator: The most important characte
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[VR Animation] Reprisal
Hello there!

We're animation students working on an original 360 project about a witch being burned. It has a stylized 2d look and the length is approximately 1 minute. The story takes place in England in 1644 so we need female and male British voice actors (or actors who can imitate British accent). You can see a crowd all around you through the witch's eyes, shouting insults at you.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
[b]This project is not paid. The deadline is the
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5-7 minute animation seeking voice talent!
Hello Everybody! I'm planning a huge project! a 5-7 minute Comedy/Romance Animated short. To serve justice to my animation I need some talented voice actors!

Please submit Tryouts in a .wav or .mp3 format to airgamezoffice@gmail.com

Animation's Estimated Release date (will notify about where I will post) :   2018 or early 2019
Voice Recording Estimated time (Never Recruited voices before so I have no Idea)  :  About 1-2 months [
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[Unpaid] Black X Heart EP2 Male/Female VA needed!
Ok all characters for ep 1 cast.

Here is episode 1 if you're curious : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWHeWOed_Ck&t=7s

Now, ep2!!!!!!!

2D animation series named Black x Heart. Fantasy shonen style series about a guy facing depression.

Characters list for ep2:

Main female character - Veronica [TAKEN]

Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uv0y7jgw9wy04a...a.odt?dl=0

Male character - Aldo (will have a side character with pitch variation) [TAKEN]

Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd9r1i9c2
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2017 Demo Reel (Female, British, Warm, kids)
On Discord mod Strinstorms recomendation I upgraded to a Presonus Audiobox and GXL 2200 XL microphone. I put out a demo fairly recently but since the upgrade I wanted to update it. I'd love some constructive crit!

[Video: http://<a href="https://www.youtube.com/...Sg7hFc</a>]
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X-Files Parody (2M + 1F) Unpaid
This is gonna be a short parody animation of the series X-Files. I'm learning different animation techniques and this is the one i'm doing it with.

Here's a link to the progress i've made so far on it:
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/R_GAfI8...I8Qzxk</a>]

[size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Mul
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Demo Reel Animation
This is my first demo reel that I've made so far, so let me know what you guys think!  Any sort of critique is extremely welcomed!

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Kirby Themed Project - Male Extras Needed
Extras are needed to fill the gaps in a Kirby-themed webseries and portfolio project (Rated PG-13). This project is unpaid.

Please contact me at the email below for auditions. Deadline is August 15th. Any audio format is accepted. Multiple takes are appreciated.


My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting Here):

My YouTube (Please Subscribe for Regular Updates):
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Project: Capital Extinction
Hello there! I am looking for voice actors for a cartoon called "Capital Extinction" which I am also a voice actor for. This cartoon is by Vintage Toilet on YouTube, it is about a cartoon-iverse (haha get it?) where everyone started off black and white, and then the apocalypse of cleansing when the transition to color happened. No one knows about the transition because it gives them amnesia if they're from the classic cartoons, like the Essence girls (Fray, Pe'pe, and Rose.) There's new toons th