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5M/3F for "Astrocreep" spinoff

[size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm looking for 5 male character positions and 3 female character positions for an "Astrocreep" spinoff I'm developing. If you don't know, "Astrocreep" is a point 'n click adventure game series where the player helps an alien kill people and evolve, similar to "the visitor". This game, "Aquacreep", is a spinoff game, cannon to the series, but completely it's own separate thing.
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Hello everybody!
[size=small][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I am making a animated short that is about 4 minute long for my diploma project. It is a comedy with a sort of looney tunes vibe to it, and the whole design is 60's goofy sci fi. The premise of the story is that an aline crashes into earth and while a road worker tries to help him fix his ship a misunderstanding happens and then in the end alien "accidentally" blows up th
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"CHARON" An Alien: Solara spinoff. Female only.
Are you stuck in a dead end job somewhere in the outer rim? No work on Earth? Then maybe it's time to book passage to Acheron! We at Weyland-Yutani are working hard to rebuild on Acheron, and we need your help. We need workers for the brand new recycling facility that will soon be complete. We need colonists, no, we need families to move to the newly constructed permanent habitats of Charon colony. We need maintenance workers. We need custodians. We need green house farmers. We [b]