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Working with amateur voice actors
 Working with amateur voice actors part 1
[color=#666666][font='Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]This article might seem like common sense to a lot of you, especially if you voice act yourself. I have over the twelve or thirteen years I've been an amateur voice actress worked with some amazing people and some really awful ones. This arti
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Actors as Voice Actors
Nowadays, most actors, even triple A ones, are doing voice acting as well, and doing a really good job to boot. Do you think a talent for acting is a bonus when doing voice acting, or is it even a real requirement?
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Kids As Voice Actors
There are a lot of cartoon on TV that uses kids to voice the characters. This is good because you don't have to make up any voice and just use your usual voice. But the major downside to this is when the kids reach puberty and their voice start to change. This sometimes ended up with the studio finding a new voice actor to replace them. Adults usually will make up various voices but their service will last for a very long time. So what do you think about this? Do you prefer kids or adults as a c
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[CLOSED] Looking for Female Actors for Puzzle Game
Thank you Everyone for sending your auditions in Smile

Hello we are looking for 6 female voices for our upcoming puzzle game, Super Puzzle Sisters...

Quick overview of the game,[color=#000000][size=small][font=Arial] Super Puzzle Sisters is a fast paced match 3 puzzle game taking inspiration from old ar
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Actors needed for Doctor Who audio adventure
Hi, everybody.

I am in the process of producing my very own Doctor Who audio story, called 'Alien Matters'. It is set in suburban America in the 1950s, and it follows the Twelfth Doctor and Clara trying to bring down a gangster group led by a genocidal psychopath alien.

I have casted several of my roles, and the role of the Doctor is being played by Jonathon Carley, an impressionist whose work on Peter Capaldi (the actor who plays the Twelfth Doctor on television) has been praised.

I ha
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Voice Actors Needed
Hello Climax Studios Here and We are Currently Working on a Animated Web Series. We want this to be a very fun and Successful Project and so we are asking for Voice ACtors To Voice The Remaining Characters.

Characters Available

1. Victoria
2. Donna
3. Kate(Child)
5.Intern( Brady)

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Voice Actors needed!
Hello there!

I am Keiberus and am looking for available  voice actors for a spot on my abridging project.
I am currently working on the second episode but there are spots that need to be filled
because the episodes with the characters listed below are pretty close and I need the roles
to be filled! You can also meet the whole family!

*fairly close to his original voice.
( line one ) When I said to get me a monkey suit, I meant a fucking tuxedo!
( line two ) Ah, p
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Looking for voice actors for a comic book trailer
I am looking for voice actors to narrate for a trailer for my comic "Sleepless Warrior"

The comic is about a village guard who sleeps on the job and wakes up to find his homeland in ruins thanks to three dastardly bandits.
He sets on a journey to destroy the bandits and the ambitious feudal lord who sent them to steal the mysterious crystal globe!

I am looking for several voice actors to narrate the following line as different characters as if they were speaking a testimonial:

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Working with voice actors what to do when you have to cast
So you've held auditions and you now need to cast. I'll briefly talk about, this though in the end it's up to you. But if you're still stuck here are some pointers:
  • The person fits the character – if you're sensible your audition had example lines that will help you pick out who will portray the character the best. Rarely will they be exact, but this the whole core of casting, this is the thing you want. Here are some things to think ab
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The Japanese voice of Goku isn't impressed by modern voice actors
A bit old this but interesting the Japanese voice of Goku in Dragon Ball is rather scathing about modern Japanese VAs

[color=#3f3f3f][size=small]“[Modern voice actors] just watch anime and copy what they hear, so what they do sounds like copy of a copy of a copy. As a result, the depth and breadth of anime voice acting is dwindling rapidly