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Games with good Voice Acting
What do you think the games with the best voice acting are? I personally have to vote for the Call of Duty series. I think the entire franchise has top notch voice acting. But there are other really great series as well, with awesome voice acting. Like Assassin`s Creed or Halo.
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Voice Acting Schools
Are there any good Voice Acting Schools? It could be either on campus or online. Are there any that offer certifications? Do certifications exist in the Voice Acting industry? If it isn't too expensive, I think it would be a good investment.
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The Next Zelda may have voice acting
There's a rumour going around that the new Zelda, will have  voice acting. What's your view? Is it time it's added or do you prefer a silent Link?
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What VO and acting training do you recommend?
How many of you have taken acting, improv and voice over lessons? We get asked for advice picking training both online and in person and would love to hear from those of you who can recommend teaches and classes.

Gravy for the brain

The Art of voice acting

Would love to hear some more recommendations. Note if you offer le
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[Tutorial] How to get into voice acting part 1
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/JSNfyTH...THuAeI</a>]
[size=small]So you want to be a voice actor? This is a basic intro on how to get into voice acting online. The tutorial covers equipment, software, auditions and demo reels.

More info at http://www.voiceacting.space
E-mail me at : aralechan@gmail.com
Personal blog: http://www.gameswriting.coffee

My home audi
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How to get into voice acting.
Apart from doing jokey voices with friends, I have no voice acting experience; and it is a huge goal of mine to try and do some voice acting for a game by the end of the year. So all you veterans out there, any tips? (I have watched the voice acting tutorial in the tutorial section and got the right equipment). Thanks to any responses Smile
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How to Audition for your first voice acting role
How to audition for online voice acting projects
[size=small]If you're on this site then there's a chance that you want to get involved in amateur voice acting, or you might be looking for voice actors. This guide is for AVAs looking to audition, but might also be of use for those of you posting auditions so you can understand how the process works. Amateur voice acting roles are usually recorded in each actor's own home, they then send the files
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Azure's Voice Acting Resume [ Female, British]
How much experience do you have?
[color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]I'm sure I must have missed things out on my resume list ( tell me if you spot something). I've been voice acting for over 15 years and over that time I've been involved in animation, games, mods fan dubs and audio drama among other things. I largely work as a fan voice actress for fan works such as fan dubs, audio drama, flash animati
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IskatuMesk's Voice Acting Resume
How much experience do you have?

Experience (as of 2015) -

Voice acting & sound engineering - 22+ years (both analog & digital)
2d game design - 17+ years
3d game design - 15+ years
Public Video Commentary - 8+ years
Private Developer Commentary - 5+ years

I have done both male and female vocals.

Where might you have heard me?

Anywhere in Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo customs. Various other projects, including Babylon 5 fan games, Let's Play'
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What was your first voice acting job?
What was your first voice acting role and where/how were you cast? What made you decide to start voice acting in the first place?

I've written about it before but I was messing around with recording for a while before I found the Voice Acting Resource Centre and auditioned for the role in the anime fan dub of Sailor Moon. I was eventually cast as Ami and Luna. I knew nothing about Sailor Moon at the time so it was a steep learning curve. Back then it was a popular show with a heavily edited d