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Daredevil Season 2
Has anyone else finished Daredevil season 2? If so lets keep the spoilers to a minimum, but what did people think? I thought it was pretty awesome. Not as much of a surprise as season 1, but I really liked the Punisher. I think it's the first time I've actually felt any sympathy for him at all.
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DEAD ROUTE / Wrong Turn | Sims 2 [1 Male 1 Female] 18+
I need voices for my upcoming Sims 2 slasher movie, Dead Route. 

Dead Route is going to be about me/Joe Winko (already voiced by me) going into the Darien Gap to explore the mysteries of the Darien Gap. When he gets there, he discovers pure evil! Three inbred homicidal cannibals live in the Darien Gap (they’re based off the Cannibals from the Wrong Turn movies) and they plan on adding him to their menu! Will Joe Winko escape? What will be left of him?

Please send your audition to joeisawesome4
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2 Male voices for Rodent Wake audio play ( unpaid)
It's been a while since I made something, and I've had this short audio script sitting here unproduced so I thought I'd give it a home.  It's  set in a middle class suburb of London, or perhaps somewhere just outside like Guildford.  Wilkes an old retired surveyor, is talking to O'Dare a handyman he hires to do DIY and maintenance around the house,they are gossiping about their neighbour who recently held a funeral for her son's gerbil. The whole script is only 1000 words, the script has been wr
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Challenge 2 - The Raven
Challenge 2 is a bit more simple, record yourself reading some or all of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven". Feel free to make videos, or audio clips and add music and SFX if you wish or just read the poem straight up.

If you do post a version with music or SFX if possible also post a downloadable one without, depending on how many entries I get I'll try and make a megamix featuring as many voices as possible.

There's a plaint
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Need 2 voice actors for animated video game parody [ closed[
I'm looking for 2 voice actors for my animated video game parody of "Eggs of Steel". The game might be obscure for some people. It came out for PS1 and was developed by Atlus which I think is defunct. Anyway I need 2 voice actors.

1. Charlie

2. Gus Fring ( Breaking Bad )

The premise is that Charlie's been out of work for almost 20 years and he's now working at Los Pollos Hermanos. He's sitting in the back alley talking directly to the camera about his misfortune. He was a steel mill wor
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Warhammer:Total war 2 Campaign : Dark Elves
Hey there I am back looking for another Voice Actor, this time female.

My last project is on going and here is a link to the playlist so you can check it out how it is going and what I am looking for, currently on the 5th one in the series I am awaiting lines from my voice actors (4th one is done). I will post it here when it is completed.

Ungrim Voice Acted Campaign

I have had lots of great feedback and
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2M for Total War : Warhammer 2 Wood Elves Campaign
Hey all, I am looking for two male voice actors for a campaign which, unlike my Dark Elves Campaign, this has been completed it is a series of 10 episodes all of which are on my youTube channel. Here is the 1st episode so you can see what I have created.

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'Call of the Scarecrow' - Sims 2 Slasher Film [1M 1F] SOUTHERN ACCENTS

[Image: http://thumbsnap.com/i/i6Di3PNP.png]

Call of the Scarecrow
is an upcoming slasher film I'm making with the Sims 2 about a homeless and dying teenager named Joe Winko (already voiced by me) who is stranded in rural town of Black Ridge Arkansas, where a magic killer scarecrow is on the loose! Joe soon finds out that only he can stop the scarecrow. Will he be successful?


The characters all talk in a slight southern a
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Harry Potter Sims 2 Series - Narrator Needed!!!

I'm doing a new Sims 2 series and will need just a narrator. 

It's a Harry Potter series, simply doing the backstories of certain characters. I've got a script ready for the first episode just to see how things go!

I don't mind auditioning female or male voices, so feel free to send auditions in. My email is jordan.rodway7@gmail.com where you can send the auditions!

Here is a script sample for you to audition with if you want;

[color=#000000][size=large][font=Old Standard TT]"The Revere
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[Unpaid]Thriller/Mystery Game Demo - 2 M
The project my group is producing is a thriller/mystery game, with multiple player characters investigating the house of their deceased friend. First player game, the player plays through as each of these characters, interacting with the house in different and unique ways. 

Miles: Very early 20s, voice on the deeper side, relaxed delivery, capable of bursts of emotion, sounding afraid

Will: Very early 20s, mid range voice, a bit nasally, voice tries to sound assured though can be