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(Short Parody) Matter Eater Lad! 1M 1F/M
Matter Eater Lad

This is a minute or so long video about the often forgotten and oddly situational superhero Matter Eater Lad. 

This is a very short unpaid project, and currently stands to be a one-off video but I will make a sequel if it's successful or enough people ask for one.

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[CLOSED] 3D Action Adventure (1F, 1Dragon)
Hi everyone!

I’m a solo game developer currently working on a third-person platforming action adventure, for which I need to create a small gameplay demo and a teaser trailer. The trailer will be mostly environment shots with some gameplay, accompanied by a short monolog from the main character. If time permits, the last part of the monolog will be fully animated and lip-synched. The demo requires a few lines of additional dialogue, as well as VO for attacks, jumps, et cet
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X-Files Parody (2M + 1F) Unpaid
This is gonna be a short parody animation of the series X-Files. I'm learning different animation techniques and this is the one i'm doing it with.

Here's a link to the progress i've made so far on it:
[Video: http://<a href="https://youtu.be/R_GAfI8...I8Qzxk</a>]

[size=medium][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Mul
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Indie Team looking for Voice Actors (2M 1F) (Closed)
Hi everyone,

I´m working on a small Indie Game and we are currently looking for Voice Actors.

It´s a short story-based game about an elderly man and his family.
You can find more info in our audition document:

Send you Auditions to [email=niftyllamagames@gmail.com]niftyllamagames@gmail.com[/
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[CLOSED - YouTube Video] Short Voiceover "Skit" (Unpaid 1M/1F)
[CLOSED - YouTube Video] Short Voiceover "Skit" (Unpaid 1F/1M)

This project is unpaid. It will be for a video about voiceover that I'm making to post on YouTube. I will, of course, credit the chosen voice actors but please note I have a very low subscriber count on my channel (39 subscribers).

I'm looking for one male voice, and one female voice, for a very short segment in a video I'm making about voice over projects. The video will contain NO violence, swearing, or adult content.

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'Call of the Scarecrow' - Sims 2 Slasher Film [1M 1F] SOUTHERN ACCENTS

[Image: http://thumbsnap.com/i/i6Di3PNP.png]

Call of the Scarecrow
is an upcoming slasher film I'm making with the Sims 2 about a homeless and dying teenager named Joe Winko (already voiced by me) who is stranded in rural town of Black Ridge Arkansas, where a magic killer scarecrow is on the loose! Joe soon finds out that only he can stop the scarecrow. Will he be successful?


The characters all talk in a slight southern a