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Support Charachter for New Youtube Series "Major gamer" [10$]
Hi Voice Actors.

my names Fredrik and im starting a new project.

About the project:
I'm about to make a Youtube gaming show called "Major Gamer"
with some old super rare and bad playstation Demo gems.
its gonna have some serious moments but mostly fun and jokes.
its gonna be mixture of live action and 3D and some 2D animation.
most live action.

25% of the profit will go to the Children cancer foundation in diffrent countries.

and im in need of some voice acting for some characthers i
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[Podcast] CODE 10-33 (7M, 6F)

[b][color=#424242][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]CODE 10-33 is a crime podcast in association with Multiversal Podcasting Network which plays with, pokes fun at and completely turns the buddy cop dynamic on its head.