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  • . Potential voice actors are more likely to audition for people who put in the effort. We will assume a half assed post = half assed production that's a waste of time. These rules are to ensure quality productions and to protect our actors. Quality productions get quality actors. 
  •  Typing 'I know this prob breaks the rules' then breaking the rules, isn't a get out of jail card  :Smileor is setting a deadline years into the future. 

Hello and welcome to Voice Acting Space Here's a short guide on how to post auditions, details should be provided in the post. Do not just post a link to your website or another forum:

In short you need:
  • Project description
  • Character List
  • Audition Lines ( Linking a google doc or a page on your own site is OK for large multi character posts, linking your post on another voice acting site is not.This includes Casting Call club)
  • Deadline  - Posting a really long deadline is not a clever workaround or hack. If you post something silly like 6 months I'll lock the thread.
  • *No Porn or Hentai*  ( If you're worried about your project's content please pm me before you post and we can discuss it. Please don't post any pornographic images directly to the site!
  • Contact Info
  • When you've cast your project please edit the title and add  [Closed] to the title. Please then reply to the thread confirming it's closed, this means people will stump bumping out of date threads Smile

1) Project title - the project title should have the project type in brackets and then the name after. It's O.K to add a short note at the end to announce a major change but please be considerate.
An example would be
[Audio Drama] Red Car/ Green Car
An allowable edit would be
[Audio Drama] Red Car/ Green Car Closes Today!
Not acceptable is vague descriptions such as
Need voices.

When writing a title you can select a preset tab and that will auto add something in the square brackets Smile

2) Then give a short description of your project. How much work will it be for the voice actor? What kind of story/project is it?

You also need to state if it is paid. We focus on fan and thus non paid projects here. If your project pays or you audition for a project which does we won't take responsibility. Those posting auditions should also disclose if they make money, even if it's through a contest.

3) You then need to list the characters available for , their gender, and if possible a description. You also need to post some audition lines in the forum and not on a third party site. If you want to keep your project secret that's fine, then please compose some non spoiler audition lines.
Please specify the accent, members of these forums are from all around the world so saying no accent doesn't help. If it doesn't matter please say, otherwise please give guidance.

4) You then need to explain where to send the files, ( email) recording format and any special instructions. For example what to call the files. We also suggest you request a txt file with the VOs details such as Skype website etc

5) Deadlines and audition lines are essential , when your project is cast please edit the thread to say so.
You need to give an exact date when your auditions close. We also discourage first come first served auditions, except for very minor voice work such as walla or background chatter.

6) You may also edit your post to include a list of received auditions.

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Here's an example post:


[ Audio drama] Neko Majin Z

Description: Describe your project here, what is it about? is it paid or fan based?

Neko Majin Z is a self parody manga by Akira Toiryama author of Dragon Ball/Z and Dr Slump. Neko Majin ran for 5 chapters in the Japanese version of the famous manga magazine shonen jump and is also available in book format. NMZ makes lots of fun of DBZ, with the main character Z the Neko Majin being not too far from Db’s hero Son Goku

This is the last episode so features a ton of characters from Dragon Ball Z, I’ve added in a few since the NMZ manga shows a few but they do not speak. Since the chronology is a little off in the manga too I’ve taken liberty with their ages. I am not worried if you sound like the dubs or not, I watched the Ocean dub when it was on but if you can do FUNimation cast impersonations feel free. This is a parody so as long as the characters are recognisable that’s fine.

Characters: Here you list the parts that are open, you MUST post sample audition lines. Also remember there's no such thing as NO accent. If you're flexible then great, otherwise you need to state one.  This is only an example otherwise descriptions would be longer.

( Minor part)

Goku’s son is now an adult pretty much, he still retains his light hearted soul. All the excitement has got him thinking about his heroic past

Line 1:

See! I told you my Great Saiyaman outfit still fits!

Line 2: ( In his heroic voice)



Main character

Goku one of the most powerful warriors ever, he also has a very pure heart or else is very simple. We’ve reflected his country accent from the Japanese version, but I’m not stuck to this like glue. What I’ve most looking for is a voice that embodies adult Goku. ( Goku does do a little humming/singing in this episode nothing fancy just make sure you are comfortable with it ;D)

Line 1:

Well I was gonna ask, have ya been keeping up your training?

Line 2:

Gosh Dang it! I could of sworn it was around here!

Line 3:

( an attack yell as if Goku is diving toward an opponent about to hit him)


Please name your files yourname_charactername_lineno.mp3

Zip them all up, along with a text file with your contact details to

Deadline is Sunday the 11th of October

These are Mandatory rules, by following them you'll get two exciting bonuses.

1) I won't lock your thread.

2) Potential voice actors are more likely to audition for people who put in the effort. We will assume a half assed post = half assed production that's a waste of time.