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composers twtwe for looking

looking for composers for TWTWE
First of all, before I say anything else, thank you for checking out my project! I know that seeing hobby is a big turn away, so thanks for giving me a chance. The name of my game is TWTWE: paradox wars! (working title) It's an RPG! its also a passion project of mine that I am very excited for, and serious about. However, I also realize that it is a daunting task.

disclaimer: This is my first big game project that i am getting help from other people i have made games before, but not on this scale, and usually alone. Thanks to that i will probably be inexperianced in directing and all other sorts of skills. Hopefully i can learn and grow and be a better director.

I am also a broke college student. I am releasing this game for free, and i am doing it with basically no budget. I am not a cheapskate, and i understand as a fellow artist that you should all be paid for your wonderful talents, unfortunately i am unable to do this, so this will mostly be a volunteer project.

as for composer auditions, I really don't know how or where to set that up... So it will mostly be over here. If you feel interested in joining this project, please feel free to contact my email! once again, that is I'm sure we could talk and come to an agreement.

But before that, more disclaimers: (yeah I'm a troublesome person, I know...) I haven't completely figured out the sound I'm going for in my game. This makes me harder to work with since I don't know exactly what I want yet, but on the plus side, this means that anybody who specializes in any sort of video game music can audition and you all have an equal chance of being picked! so if you specialize in electronic funk, you have an equal chance as the guy who does full epic orchestral soundtracks!

Now here is some video game music I stumbled across on soundcloud that made me go "yeah, id like stuff like this in my game!" Once again, these are just examples I happened to stumble across, so don't worry if none of these are your style. I'm still undecided.
music examples

Signing of Nixodemus1 check out my upcoming game, TWTWE!

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