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new hi m jacob i voice

Voice Pack Hi, I'm Jacob, new voice!

I'm Jacob Zander, here's my reels:

Look forward to chatting Smile
Lovely reels really high quality, did you go to a studio to record or is that your home set up? As a squeaky voiced person I'm super jealous of anyone with a powerful voice!

Signing of Azure
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Hey, nice demo. I'm doing a Psycho-Pass anime fandub and am in need of a new voice actor for Shogo Makishima. I post clips on my youtube page to avoid copyright and provide this link in the description -

If you're interested and have the time, shoot me a reply or email.

More on the character -

Signing of Darrell-h My latest Demo Reel -

So I don't really do commercial so I can't give too much critique.

For your Animation/Voice over Demo reel here's what I have to say.

Reels should be a minute or at most a minute and 15 seconds
There was a long pause between each voice over clip [was filled with music/sfx] It almost made me impatient.
SFX are a final product. For demo reels SFX should be kept at a minimum if even at all.
As well watch your music volume, Remember it's there to enhance your voice not over take it.

Your voice itself was awesome. You have a unique yet fitting voice for say a hero or if you get down in the gravely voice even a villian
I like the emotion. Just give me more. When you think it's enough....take it one step further! This is a great foundation
I appreciate that you didn't have 15 voices. Showcasing what you got in as few voices as possible is best

"What if they do know its me?" You almost sounded like Pewdiepie <3

Signing of XionFox Texas based Professional Voice Actress
Animation Demo Reel
My Twitch

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