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long visual quasi days summer so novel

Video Game So long, summer days (quasi-visual novel)
What's it about?

“So long, summer days” follows Enrique “Pan” Domingo,a 27 year old man living in Florida with his newly appointed wife, Raquel Santos. He has brought them both down with his Marxist ideals and general laziness, causing both of them to live in a perpetual welfare state. His own struggles in connecting with those around him runs parallel to a mass extinction with an unknown cause. Tens of thousands of Jellyfish are washing up dead on the shore, with no disease or contamination found inside them. This is the story of one man's plight, with a backdrop of the world dying around him.


This will most likely be in a similar format to my other main work, “Princess Pajama Speaks to Me”. This meaning text you click through with voice acting implemented during dialogue. Unlike “Princess Pajama”, only dialogue will be voice acted (as it is much longer). Also contrasting my last work, I will try to implement sparse amounts of art and visual design. Keep in mind this isn't a full fledged visual novel, only certain sections will be illustrated, and these illustrations will be fairly abstract and doodly.


Enrique “Pan” Domingo

Enrique is a young, absent minded writer whose talent doesn't exactly match up with his “Ambition”. While he is a bit of a brash attitude, he has a playful and somehow poignant attitude towards life and other people. Despite his outgoing attitude, he's a horrible communicator, often getting misconstrued or putting his foot in his mouth.He sounds similar to Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop in the fact he's got a smooth, sort of deep voice that doesn't sound overdramatic or underactive. He also speaks fairly slowly, almost as if he's trying to pull the words deep from his subconscious.

Part Length: About 120 lines

“Well you can't walk to heaven but you can die in your sleep.”

“And you're certainly full of something.”

Raquel Santos

Raquel Santos is Enrique's wife. She tends to be fairly calm,but also manages to be cynical,funny, and occasionally very expressive. She seems to be slightly fed up of their lifestyle, but still manages to keep a bit of affection towards Pan. Her voice is fairly plain, high or low pitched, which can occasionally raise to a fiery anger. Note: Pronunciation of certain Brazilian phrases is involved.

Part length: About 100 lines

“ heard him and did nothing?”

“Yep. So am I.”

Raul Ortega

A 60-something family friend who works at a deli where Pan frequents. He has a fairly mature, deep voice mixed with a thick Cuban accent. Involves rare Spanish.

Part length: Around 25 lines

“I'm not here to spike your appetite.”

“Ah, just get out!”

Radio Host

An expressive, concerned public Radio Host with a voice similar to Jad Abumrad of radiolab fame.

Part length: Around 5 lines

“The outbreak continues, their bodies have drifted to the polar oceans, reportedly freezing them, changing the course of many expeditions.”

Kelly McLehan

A short, mostly comic role of a parent concerned with underage drinking during the end of the world.

Part Length: One line, just the audition basically.

“I understand the celebration, but the truth is someone could get hurt. We should organise parties, yes, but the youth council should take more responsibility, perhaps holding an ice cream social.”

Content Warning


Gruesome scenes of death in the animal kingdom.

Complete and total social irresponsibility 

Occasional scenes with sexual undertones. (Implied sex, nudity.Nothing too graphic.)
Lines in foreign languages.

Use of tobacco

(Sorry I had to list them in case any of these make you uncomfortable.)


March 16th to 23rd- Taking auditions, finishing editing of story and making actors and reading copy.

March 23rd to 28th- First 4 pages of lines recorded.

March 28th to April 2nd- Pages 4-8 recorded, first 4 pages of voice lines are implemented into game.

April 2nd to 7th- Last 4 lines are recorded, pages 4-8 are implemented into game.

April 7th to 21st- Rest of lines implemented into game. Music and Art is implemented into game.

Please send questions or auditions to
I should be sending a audition for the radio announcer, and also, one of the female characters by  tomorrow.
Thanks looks interesting. Where will this be available at when its complete? On youtube a website free on steam? Or where.
(03-17-2017, 03:44 PM)Raven77 Wrote: I should be sending a audition for the radio announcer, and also, one of the female characters by  tomorrow.
Thanks looks interesting. Where will this be available at when its complete? On youtube a website free on steam? Or where.

Im thinking of just publishing it on, as it will most likely be a computer program. I look forward to your audition!
Hello, everyone! Before I reveal the cast, I would like to say that if I did not reply to your audition or you didn't get in, there was not a single audition I didn't enjoy hearing. It was an honor to even hear so many versions of lines that I wrote. I hope I do all of you proud. This may be one of the best casts I have worked with, and I sincerely thank all of you for your help. And now, without further ado, here is the cast of “So long, summer days”.

Enrique “Pan” Domingo- Vaughan Farrar

Raquel Santos: ZaBanpaiaNeko

Raul Ortega- Julian Bane

Radio Host- Wowwhy

Release Date: April 23rd

(Note: Lack of auditions for Kelly McLeghan have led me to continue the production without her, as her role is fairly minor. Please, feel free to send auditions for her, and I will update the list once she is casted. )

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