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unpaid female syreen closed masters the quan mod voice ur

Video Game [CLOSED] The Ur-Quan Masters – Syreen Voice Mod
This audition is now closed as I have unfortunately not had any respondents to this ad by the deadline.  I may readvertise at a later date if I don't find any takers elsewhere.

I’m looking for an adult female voice to voice a major female character for a game mod.
Please note this job is unpaid.

What is this Mod exactly?

The mod is for the game 'The Ur-Quan Masters' (a re-release based on the open-source source code for Star Control 2) and its HD variants, and is intended to completely replace the existing voiceovers for one of the game's major characters.  This is for the purpose of adding in lines of dialogue missing from the current version, based on the lines from the older (unvoiced) PC version of the game.  These missing lines will improve the comic effect of the character, make them sound less likely to jump to conclusions, and most importantly, will include crucial information needed to finish the game.

I have already made and released mods that re-record dialogue for two alien races: the Mycon and the Melnorme (you can find my mods, with some sample video here: With this last mod, the game will become winnable without random exploration/consulting a guide.

The mod and its contents are fully legal, since The Ur-Quan Masters and its content are open-source.

Who are the Syreen and what do they sound like?

Gender: Female
Age: 20-35
Voice Syle: Medium pitch, clear English, preferably no strong regional accents

The Syreen are best described as a race of blue-skinned alien amazons, in a look clearly inspired by the pulp sci-fi novels of yesteryear.  Their physiology is very similar to that of humans, barring their psychic powers and blue skin. In-game, the only Syreen encountered is Starbase Commander Talana (pictured below). The male protagonist of the game requires her help to gain allies and information to help him defeat the sinister Ur-Quan, and to do so he needs to reveal the fate of the Syreen’s original home planet.

[Image: SyreenHDFixedBig.png]

Talana will cover a variety of topics in her conversation, which will induce a variety of emotions including weariness, sadness, anger and determination.  When she is not discussing more serious matters she will often be flirting with the protagonist with plenty of comical double-entendre.  She should sound intelligent and more mature than the relatively sheltered and naive protagonist.

Should the protagonist complete her quest-line (which is required to win the game), Talana will become his romantic partner.  There is some comic implied sexuality in this dialogue, but it is not graphic (the original game has an ESRB rating of "E" and has the same dialogue).

How big is this project?
Talana is one of the more important characters in the game. Including some alternate takes, she has a total of 76 lines of varying lengths, for a total of 4241 words overall.

Sample audition lines:
    “Manners were never the Earthlings' strong point, were they?
    Your species' undeniable appeal can be found... elsewhere.”

    “If what you have suggested is true... THE MYCONS WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!”

    “My older sister, Diani, was a starship officer in the Space Patrol
    she was part of the final defense at Raynet... she didn't make it back.”

Please send audition files/links to audition files to
Audio files can be in mp3 or wav format.
Deadline: Please send audition lines by 19 November 2017

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