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alien shapeshifter 5m astrocreep spinoff 3f voice game for acting mystery

Video Game 5M/3F for "Astrocreep" spinoff

I'm looking for 5 male character positions and 3 female character positions for an "Astrocreep" spinoff I'm developing. If you don't know, "Astrocreep" is a point 'n click adventure game series where the player helps an alien kill people and evolve, similar to "the visitor". This game, "Aquacreep", is a spinoff game, cannon to the series, but completely it's own separate thing. In that, I mean to say it's in the same universe, and that's where the similarities get frayed. This game is NOT a "Point 'n Click" but more of a sidescroller/mystery game. See the following gameplay footage to get the best idea:

Not shown in that video is how the creature takes a human form, the form of it's victim, and masquerades as a human. Yes, this is a "The Thing" type of story. The basis is that the player (Dean) must hunt, identify, and kill the "Aquacreep" to win the game. The identity of the monster changes at random, and the player must talk to other npc's ( any of which could BE the aquacreep in disguise and kill at any time ) and look for clues to determine who is who, and what is what.

So The video does most of the heavy lifting here, I will list the characters and leave an email address, if you are interested please send me an audition or if you have questions feel free to ask. THIS IS NOT A PAID GIG. You will however receive credit for your work in the game, and the opening swimming sequence is designated to have the player swim pass the "credits" like in a movie. So you will be credited "upfront".

Now, onto the characters:

Backstory: The game takes place on an ocean research center stationed 30 nautical miles from the nearest landmass. There is a tropical storm about to hit the facility and the characters are preparing for it. They plan to have a party to wait out the storm. These are trained professionals just cutting lose during the storm, and silently an alien infiltration is taking place.



Player (Dean): This character is the protagonist. The player's avatar.He's one of the diver's that do field work for the ocean research facility.

Audition Line: "Storm's definitely rolling in. Looks like it's gonna be a rough one. You need a hand with anything out here?"

Steve: The medical practitioner. He assist Isabel, the lead scientist, in the lab on experiments.

Audition Line: "Should be a pretty heavy storm, the radar was showing a lot of red. We'll be fine though, the institute keeps our preparations pretty thoroughly stocked."

Thomas: The dive boat captain. He drives the divers out to locations to collect ocean info.

Audition Line: "Well, I better get my shit together here before it lets loose on us. My guess is it's gonna last all night, maybe longer."

Trevor: Security Specialist. He runs the security for the facility.

Audition Line: "I'm not worried about it, just gonna get my drink on with the rest of ya'll and chill out 'till it's over.May be a lot of rain, but it's still just water.Nothing to get all excited about."

Shawn: Diver. He recovers specimens and records data from the ocean for the facility.

Audition Line: "But yea this party is gonna be rad, man. Everyone I've talked to about it is pretty amped. Isabel seemed a little bummed, but I guess that's just because she'd rather spend the night with her sea slugs. Hey, more alcohol for us, right?"


Rebecca: Lead diver. She recovers specimens and records data from the ocean for the facility. In charge of the equipment and diveplans.

Audition Line: "Hey by the way, you heard the crew is meeting up in the rec room for the storm, right? I'll be the one getting drunk off my ass, so come have a beer with me later, ok?"

Isabel: Lead Scientist. Head of research department. In love with her work. Serious.

Audition Line: "I suppose. This storm is most inconvenient, the timing couldn't be worse. We were making excellent headway on the project and now we have to put it all on hold to prep the facility before it hits."

Uma: Technician. Handles technical functions for the facility. Mildly psychic.

Audition Line: "But it's not just the storm, I just have this...unnerving something bad is about to happen. I can't explain it, like there's the storm, but then, I don't know, this other something isn't quite right..."

I don't mean to be intentionally skimpy with the character details, but I intend for the story to play out based on the idea that the player will be focusing on the identity crisis plot point. The characters are "open to interpretation", give me your take. The main point is on the story beats, like if you talk to a character and see things they say, and base your assumption on who is really a shapeshifter off the information you get in conversations. The npc's that BECOME SHAPESHIFTERS is RANDOMIZED. The game is intended to play out differently each time, so after the ( video ) first chapter, all bets are off.

I'd like to wrap this audition up in a week's time so let's say the deadline is next Friday, AUGUST 25TH.

If interested, please email me an audition at :


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