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s some artist dreams unpaid idea that new started cartoon animator help my just i artists pilot writer series crew for getting need

[Unpaid] I need some artists for my series that's just getting started
  Big Grin  Hi there. Have you ever had a dream? What am I saying, of course you have. You're on this site.  Blush

       So, anyways. This project is going to be a byproduct of a much larger project of mine which I call Crazy Hawk productions. It is a cartoon series pilot episode for a series that's all about helping people and traveling through dimensions.

      Blush  It's 92% G rated. Minor violence and no foul language (which includes saying OMG). This series is directed to be enjoyable by kids and adults with it's humor and overall family friendly concept. Big Grin

         Shy But... I need artists. I need character artists and background artists. Am I trying to make money with this? No, not really. I hope to make a career out of cartoons, writing and acting. With this being our first animated production. Money may be involved if we can get sponsors and go to series, but so far it's just some friends and some talent trying to make something awesome. Sad
        Starting with YouTube, I have high hopes for success. I'm not going to lie, this may never amount to much of anything. But even if it's going to be nothing, I wanna make it the best darn nothing I can make. Are you going to help me make this happen? If so, please contact me VIA Twitter , or through Facebook  

Sleepy  If you'd just like to apply for a spot on the crew right now, please do. Here's the link to the application forum. Exclamation

P.S. An extra animator would also be awesome.

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